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Cophine ± height difference

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Photo Gallery by Kayla Surico (kayla-surico)

Artist(s)/Band(s): Twenty One Pilots (twentyonepilots)

Location: The House of Blues - Orlando, FL

Date: September 18, 2014

You can view the entire set from this show here.

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“From the moment we are born we are packaged and labelled dummies branded with identities stuffed into our toothless mouths barely able to bear the weight of our own heads already bound by the binary gender codes encrypted everywhere we turn plastic kitchens plastic weapons boys are encouraged to shoot ammo while girls are told not to shoot their mouths off instead being silenced by aprons and ribbons their toes becoming bruised from tiptoeing around because ballet shoes really don’t offer that much protection against army boots; we are told to reach for the stars but some of us are too busy trying to escape from the glare of the moon and the shining lights of the pageant stage insecurities masquerade as talents prizes given for painted faces and painted smiles empty words earning applause as they burn in the limelight the spotlight of individuality that only highlights the right way to be but there isn’t just one way and today I see the way that people shy away from being who they are because they are afraid that they’ll be laughed at for wanting to be a firefighter instead of a nurse, because saving people from burning beds isn’t what they are meant to do they’re meant to save people on their deathbeds when the fire has already been put out by the people who are given army boots before they even learn how to walk.”

behind the binary.

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